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CourtiboX at the Design Biennale of Saint-Etienne

Courtibox, hybrid between the culture system Courtirey and Damien Chivialle's designr Cootainer de Damien Chivialles, is presented at the Design Biennale in Saint-Etienne.

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Bellastock | Urban agriculture

Bellastock associaton for innovative architecture organises three lectures on urban agriculture

Food : produce to feed
10 april 2013, 19h00 (ENSA Paris Belleville)
Speakers : Alexis Lefebvre (Fermes de Gally - LUA), Damien Chivialles (Cootainer - LUA), Marc Dufumier (writer).

City and agriculture, a paradox ?
17 april 2013, 19h00 (ENSA Paris Belleville)
Speakers : Clinamen, Atelier Roberta, Pierre Donadieu

Architecture and "useful green" ?
24 april 2013, 19h00 (ENSA Paris Belleville)
Speakers : Augustin Rosenstiehl (SOA - LUA), Nicolas Bonnenfant (Coloco), Nicolas Bel (Un potager sur les toits).



Damien CHIVIALLE and Jean-Claude REY, members of LUA partnered for the conception of Courtibox.
After the aquaponic version of the farm-container "Micro-farms", it's now about soil boxes. "Courtirey is selling the Courtibox, 20 sq.m of soil agriculture inside a container! The easier solution to cultivate, composting organic waste, store rainwater and irrigate with a solar-pump"
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Colloque scientifique international pluridisciplinaire
Nouveaux territoires : les toits urbains au regard de la question de l'énergie et des écosystèmes. JEUDI 25 OCTOBRE 2012 de 8h30 à 18h - ENSA Paris-Malaquais/Laboratoire ACS/amphi 2 des Loges/bâtiment Perret, salle 206, 14 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris, France.
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DanielCorbeil224/08/2012 > 03/11/2012
green STRuctures
The artist-sculptor Daniel Corbeil works on the green tower utopiawith a model dealing with representation and in-situ experimentation. SOA's Living Tower is a reference of the exhibition, with projects of Edouard François, Luc Schuiten, Jean Nouvel and Ginger's green Eiffel Tower.
A la Maison de l'Architecture du Québec, Canada.
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Carrot City25/06/2012 > 15/09/2012
After New-York, Casablanca, Montreal and Berlin, the exhibition Carrot City takes place in Paris for several months from June 25th 2012! Through images, texts, models, installations et videos, the exhibition explores a variety of issues related to urban agriculture with a serie of case studies.
Carrot City Exhibition, from June 25th to November 4th 2012, opening June 21st - Chai du Parc de Bercy, 41 rue Paul Belmondo - Paris 12e.
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